One of the popular aluminium units that we supply throughout Essex are Bi-Folding doors, which also known as Bi-Fold doors. These concertina doors are made up of a number of folding panels that are used to create a wider opening into your garden. Not only do Bi-Folding doors look great, they significantly improve the security of your property.

The Benefits of Bi-folds

  • They are incredibly flexible and versatile.
  • As the doors open, they will fold neatly to one side which creates significantly more space and makes your room more open plan. You have the option to fully open, partially open or completely close the doors.
  • They make your home lighter and look more spacious.
  • Give good access to your garden in the summer.
  • Block out any drafts in the winter, keeping your home warm.

The aluminium folding frame gives our bi fold doors structural stability and when combined with the enhanced glazing, it can be expected to provide insulation for the room when they are closed.

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